How Google Analytics Helps Your Business

15 September 2016, posted in Tips

How Google Analytics Helps your Business

If you have a website, it is not enough to just put it online.  Online success depends upon maintaining and monitoring the site’s performance.  If not tackled systematically, this can appear overwhelming so in order to make the process easier, it is important to know the answers to the following questions:

  • Am I targeting the right audience? What type of audience is visiting my site?
  • Why sales number is less than hits? What is the number of hits and sales ratio?
  • Which links or pages do the visitors click the most?
  • How do I fine-tune my site or increase its profitability?
  • How do I attract more visitors?

All these queries can be answered by analysing the Web traffic. By having Google Analytics (GA) on your site, it will help you carry out the analysis in a comprehensive and accurate manner, regardless of the size of your Web presence.

It is a free tool that collects and analyses all details related to users and can help you make changes to your website to attract more traffic.  Here are four ways in which GA helps your SEO drive in increasing the profitability of your site.

By tracking how users arrived on your site

GA reveals the sources from where the visitors landed to your site. This can be Facebook, a link in a blog, an ad, or Google search. It also shows the pages on which they landed, such as home page, specific product page, or contact us. By knowing these details, you can optimise the pages on which visitors are landing and use the revealed traffic sources in a better way to gain more traffic.

By showing the pages or areas that can be made better

Each Web page of your site aims to attract new visitors and convert them into leads. GA shows how many visitors each page of your site receives and how long the visitors remain on those pages. This means it becomes easy to know which pages are attracting less visitors. Thus, these pages need improvements to attract / convert more visitors.

By showing the number of visitors using smartphones

The majority of Internet visitors in UK use mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for browsing the net rather than just PCs. This is why making your site responsive to mobile screens is essential.  GA can also share the amount of traffic your site obtains from mobile devices.

If you are aware that a significant amount of traffic comes from mobile devices, GA will show you how important it is to apply responsive design to your site so that the pages are loaded in an optimised format.  If your site is not mobile responsive, you are likely to lose your visitors and consequently leads.

By aligning to search engine algorithms

For search engines to move you higher up in its rankings, it is essential to be aware of any changes that are made.  GA allows you to do so by tracking the change in traffic from search engines along with other signs showing whether the site is affected by the new algorithm or not.  You can then use this information to make the necessary improvements so that your website remains compliant with Google’s algorithms.

These are just a few factors for how Google Analytics can benefit your business.  For more information or to find out how we can help you make the most of Google Analytics, drop us an email or give us a call: 01772 671 971

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