7 Reasons To Use WordPress

17 August 2015, posted in News

Can 74M websites that use WordPress be wrong?


WordPress was launched in 2003 as a simple content management system (CMS) for blogging purposes but is now one of the most popular CMSs in the world.  Easy to use, many large companies such as eBay, Sony, IBM and Reuters now use WordPress for their websites.
Here are the 5 top reasons why WordPress is so popular and why we use it in creating many of our websites:

1.    Easy to Use

The WordPress platform is very easy to use and is similar to the toolbars on Microsoft so you won’t have to spend hours being taught how to use a complicated content management system that was created by a website company that has now gone out of business.

2.    You’re in control

WordPress gives you direct control over your website which means that you can make changes whenever you like.  You won’t have to contact your web designer, wait for them to get back to you and then tell them what you want changing.  And even better, you won’t have to pay them for adding a news article or for uploading a new image to your website – you can add what you like, when you like!

3.    Move higher up Google Rankings

The most popular search engines actually prefer sites that are powered by WordPress because its formatting is easy to crawl.  As Google engineer Matt Cutts said at WordCamp, San Francisco in 2009 “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” Matt also uses WordPress for his Blog.

4.    Schedule Posts with WordPress

Once you have written your posts, you will be able to schedule them at times to suit your customers.  For example, if you find out that most of your traffic visits your site between 10.00 – 11.00 on a weekday, then you can schedule your posts for that time.

5.    Multi-Use

If you have several employees, by using WordPress you will be able to assign them different roles.  Here are the different categories as listed by WordPress:

Super Admin: has access to the site network admin features and all other features
Administrator: has access to all the admin features within a single site
Author: can publish and manage their own posts
Contributor: can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them
Subscriber: can only manage their own profile.

6.    Change hosting provider

As WordPress works with the majority of servers, you will be able to change service providers without much downtime or inconvenience.  Remember, if your CMS is exclusive to the Company that designed your website and for whatever reason you decide to leave them, you could end up paying a lot of money to have your website recoded by another website company.

7.    Security

OK, so you can now see why so many websites are built using WordPress, but what about the security?  There are several simple steps you can take to minimise the risk:

a.    Make sure you keep your WordPress updated
b.    Be creative with passwords and usernames
c.    Make sure your web hosting is secure
d.    Regularly back-up your website
e.    Add extra security plugins (ask us for details)

So give us at Baqqa Creative web design a call now on 01722 671 971 and we can start building your website on a platform that you can control!

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